An outbuilding is a great way to house tools, toys, and seasonal equipment, providing additional storage and protection from the elements. The material you choose can have a dramatic impact on your shed's longevity and how well it protects your belongings. Metal buildings provide several advantages over alternatives, such as wood. Here's a look at why metal is such a wise investment.

Why Should You Choose a Metal Shed?

1. Durable Value

Metal buildings feature superior resistance to wet weather conditions, sun exposure, and insects like termites. Metal can withstand rain and snow with no risk of rot or warping. A quality metal shed can last decades, making it an excellent long-term investment that's less expensive than wood. 

2. Minimal Maintenance

Unlike wooden sheds that require repainting, sanding, and staining, metal sheds require very little maintenance. The layer of zinc or vinyl protects the metal from rust and corrosion, so you can situate the building out in the open and enjoy its aesthetics.

metal building

Metal can easily be washed clean with a garden hose or pressure washer to remove stains. If the fasteners or screws loosen over time, they can easily be retightened without the need to drill new holes or replace damaged lumber. 

3. Convenience

While metal sheds are highly durable, they're also lightweight. Metal weighs a fraction of the weight of wood, making it easier for professionals to deliver and install your shed without the need for heavy equipment. With the ease of installation, the crew also won't need to spend much time on your property. If you ever need to relocate your shed, its minimal weight also makes it highly portable and easier to transport to a new destination than a bulky wooden structure.


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