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Bombers CrossFit®

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2080 Beaver Valley Rd., Beavercreek, OH 45434

About Bombers CrossFit®

Precision Guided Fitness: Targeting Excuses & Delivering Results

Established in 2013, Bombers CrossFit® has evolved tremendously. This CrossFit® gym began in a two-car garage and is now a facility that boasts over 5,000 square feet of space. Based in Dayton, OH, Bombers CrossFit® fosters a brilliant athletic community where certified trainers serve their clients with dedication.

Andy and Mandy Kerschbaum are proud to own Bombers CrossFit®. Both owners have a strong background in sports, athleticism, and competition. Andy served as a pilot in the Air Force, he and Mandy built a garage gym while he was on active duty, providing neighbors and coworkers with precise fitness instruction and helping them live healthy and active lives. What began in this garage gym eventually became Bombers CrossFit®. In fact, Andy’s experience flying B-52 bombers for the Air Force is what inspired this facility’s name.

When you work out at Bombers CrossFit®, you will engage in workouts that are constantly varied. All CrossFit® workouts are highly intense and will challenge you both mentally and physically. You will learn to use your body to move large loads over long distances, you will lift weights, and most importantly, you will constantly be surprised! When you get fit with CrossFit®, you will never suffer through a boring workout.

Additionally, Bombers CrossFit® in Dayton promotes the Paleo diet. If you are interested in eating Paleo, their highly skilled dietary counselors will be honored to help you. At Bombers CrossFit®, you are never alone! You will have a whole community on your side during your transformation. To learn more about reaching your athletic potential with Bombers CrossFit®, visit them online, on Facebook, or call (318) 401-1538 today. 


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