The much-anticipated PlayStation® 5 boasted an impressive and ambitious experience gamers hadn’t seen before. So, it’s no wonder the next-gen gaming console quickly sold out when it launched in November 2020. Unfortunately, the volatile market caused by the pandemic has made it nearly impossible for unit and game restocks. When games do come back in stock, the only realistic way to get your copy is to be on the waiting list at your favorite video game stores.

Why Is There a PS5™ Game Shortage?

It all comes down to supply and demand. Since PS5 gamers line up in droves for new game releases, they tend to sell out quickly; in some cases, shelves can be cleared in seconds. Because of the pandemic, it’s been incredibly challenging to meet the high demand for these electronic devices. 

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Specifically, the global lockdowns have resulted in a shortage of raw materials needed to make the semiconductor chips found in the discs and gaming consoles. The ongoing trade war between the United States and China has also raised prices for chip production in the last two years.  

When Will the Shortage End?

Although console and game production has somewhat ramped up in the recent months, it hasn’t been enough to meet the overwhelming demand. Manufacturing plants are expected to increase production over the next year to meet the shortages. 

However, it’s important to remember that semiconductor chips are a valuable part of computers, smartphones, appliances, and medical equipment; so, next-gen gaming consoles, like the PS5, are in a long line. That being said, this chip shortage is expected to become less severe toward the end of 2022.


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