Dancing provides many physical benefits for a child, but how it improves their mental health is often overlooked. Not only do dance classes provide an opportunity to connect with their peers, but they also teach different forms of expression. Here’s a closer look at the developmental advantages that dance has to offer your child. 

How Does Dance Impact Mental Health for Kids?

1. Reduces Stress

Music is known to cause a natural release of endorphins, which are the mood boosters of the body. Dance classes create an environment where students can completely immerse themselves in the notes, perfecting their moves and forgetting about their stress. Your child should come away feeling happier and more positive, especially when they have another session to look forward to in a week. 

2. Encourages Exercise

dance classes

Movement is a key to mental health, encouraging your child to focus on learning step combinations and increasing their stamina. The boost in physical strength makes it easier for the mind to remain alert, an advantage that could carry over to the classroom. Exercise leads to more engagement with everyday activities and makes kids less prone to moping around the house. 

3. Improves Sleep

Children require between nine and 13 hours of sleep per night, and those who don’t get enough will feel slightly out of sorts. Dancing is an easy way to use up excess energy, introducing them to different types of music and teaching them how to move with the beat. They’ll be ready to sleep when it's time for bed, helping you establish a healthy sleep routine.

4. Boosts Creativity

Creativity has an impact on the well-being of children, and dance puts this into motion, allowing children the opportunity to listen to a piece of music and come up with their own interpretive routine. The experience fosters a sense of innovation and inspires the mind to keep developing new ideas, leading to a more positive outlook in their daily life. 


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