If your child is taking dance classes and has a recital coming up soon, they might be a little nervous. This is normal, as performing in front of an audience can be challenging for anyone, regardless of their age. To help your child get past their fear and enjoy the recital, review the following tips. 

A Guide to Helping Your Child Get Past Stage Fright

1. Learn the Cause of the Fear

By learning what is specifically causing your child’s stage fright, you’ll have a better idea of how to help them overcome it. Perhaps your tiny dancer is nervous about forgetting parts of the routine, or making eye contact with people in the audience and getting distracted. 

Discuss ways to get over the fear, such as practicing at home every day or finding an object in the recital hall to focus on instead of various people. No matter what the root issue is, acknowledge it and show your support. Doing so is reassuring to your child. 

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2. Impart Relaxation Techniques

Practicing relaxation techniques at a young age helps children develop stress management skills as they grow up. One of the easiest techniques for kids to learn is deep breathing, or breathing with the diaphragm instead of the lungs. Emphasize the use of “belly breaths” whenever your child feels anxious or nervous, including before dance recitals. 

Consider using other relaxation methods to ease your child’s stress, such as visualization techniques. Have your child close their eyes and think about being on stage in their costume, doing their best dancing. Make it a daily practice to reduce your child’s fears, since visualization techniques are known for stress. 

3. Stay Positive 

Children imitate their parents, so if you remain positive about the upcoming recital, they will too. Talk about all the hard work they have put in during dance class, and how exciting it is to show that work off while wearing a fun costume. You can also have your child repeat dance-themed mantras that put them in a positive mindset.


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