Mold commonly grows in homes if there is moisture from a leaky pipe or damaged roof. Not only does it have an unpleasant appearance, but it can also cause allergy-like symptoms among your family members. If you’ve found mold in your home, you’ll naturally want to eliminate the infestation as soon as possible. Here's a guide to help you handle the growth and know when to contact mold remediation services.


Eliminate sources of moisture.

Mold can grow anywhere water is available, so most infestations are caused by leaking pipes or old, ineffective caulking around windows or doors. Identifying the source of the moisture and making repairs as soon as possible can help keep the mold from spreading and may dry out the colony.

Keep children & animals away from the area.

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Mold spores can trigger allergy-like symptoms, such as coughing, wheezing, and watery eyes. For those with respiratory conditions or mold allergies, the growth can also cause even more severe asthma symptoms. Children and household pets are especially vulnerable to these effects, so keep them away from the infestation. If possible, quarantine the area entirely until mold remediation professionals can address the issue.


Scrub the affected area.

Bleach and other harsh cleaners can kill bacteria and mold on tiles and other hard surfaces, but they won’t reach colonies inside your walls or the inner layers of wood. Scrubbing can also release more spores into the air, which can then spread throughout your house and trigger more severe respiratory reactions.

Paint over the mold.

Many people assume that a coat of paint will seal the mold in and keep it from growing. However, mold needs very little oxygen to thrive, so it will likely come up through the paint in time. Unless you've taken steps to remove the colony first, the problem will almost certainly return. In this case, mold remediation services can remove the growth at its source to eliminate the threat.


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