Garage doors often enhance the appearance of home facades while providing an extra layer of security for properties. Insulated overhead doors may offer additional benefits that make professional installation worthwhile for homeowners. Below, you'll learn more about why you should get insulated doors.

Why Should You Get Insulated Garage Doors?

1. Durability 

Insulated doors typically feature aluminum or steel frames filled with solid core insulation and covered with double-layered steel panels. This makes them extremely sturdy and more resilient to dents that are often caused by vehicles, bikes, and basketballs. Their durable construction also makes them less susceptible to dings and scratches due to fallen tree branches and debris during storms.

2. Quiet Operation 

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Insulated doors consist of metal, hardware, and insulation that fit tightly together, which prevents noise generated by loose components rattling against one another. Additionally, since these doors are often heavier, they are less likely to vibrate or jolt on the track, making operation virtually noiseless. Keep your garage door running quietly by lubricating the roller bearings, tracks, and hinges twice annually. 

3. Less Air Transfer

Hot summer and cold winter air may seep into your garage through thin materials or small openings around the door. If your garage has an interior door that leads directly into your home, and the area becomes particularly cold or hot, this air may enter your home, causing your HVAC system to work harder to maintain the thermostat temperature. 

Insulated doors contain foam that provides an airtight barrier against the elements. They also fit snugly into the frame to block air from entering through gaps and cracks. This can prevent hot or cold air transfer and take stress off your HVAC system, leading to lower monthly utility bills. 

4. Protect Vehicles

Since insulated doors keep interior garage areas warm, this can prevent vehicle batteries from becoming exposed to cold temperatures that often cause them to lose starting power. Additionally, a warm indoor area may keep the motor oil from thickening, which makes the engine less likely to overheat and prevents sludge deposits from damaging internal components. 


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