One of the most popular types of Asian food in the United States is sushi. This delicious dish is perfect for everything from a romantic date night to a casual lunch experience, and it offers many flavors and ingredients to suit different tastes. If you are new to eating this dish, you might wonder about the differences between certain items. Below is a brief overview about the different types to help you decide what to order.

What Are the Differences in Sushi Styles?

1. Nigiri

This form features thin slices of raw or cooked fish that chefs serve on top of sticky rice, which is short-grained rice that is cooked with vinegar. Chefs use a small amount of wasabi—a spicy green paste that is similar to horseradish—to bind the fish to the rice. If they don't bind them that way, they might wrap the nigiri with a small strip of toasted seaweed, known as nori. Commonly, chefs use raw cuts of albacore tuna, salmon, and red snapper, and you may also see eel, sweet egg, or tofu offered as nigiri.


2. Maki

This form of sushi is the most common, and it features fresh fish and vegetables that chefs roll into tubes of rice, wrap in seaweed, and cut into bite-sized portions. These rolls often feature one or two ingredients, such as spicy tuna and avocado, as this allows each flavor to stand out. However, specialty rolls may include fish, crab, cream cheese, and other ingredients rolled into rice, before being deep-fried and covered in a spicy mayonnaise or eel sauce.

3. Sashimi

Sashimi does not include rice, which makes it distinctive from other sushi dishes. Sashimi features thinly-sliced fish that chefs serve with a garnish, typically using either daikon radish, seaweed, or perilla leaves. Many people enjoy squeezing fresh lemon over the slices and dipping them in soy sauce. If you want to add some spice, mixing wasabi into the soy sauce gives a delicious balance of heat and savory flavors. Combination sashimi plates may include fresh tuna, salmon, and yellowtail, as well as scallops, eel, and octopus.


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