Windows can crack for a variety of reasons, creating an eyesore and leaving your home vulnerable to the elements. When this happens, the only safe and permanent solution is to get the glass replaced. However, with your busy schedule, having a new installation done may not be an immediate option. Here are a few temporary fixes you can use until you’re able to arrange a home glass replacement.

How to Create a Quick Solution for Cracked Windows

1. Epoxy Resin

Small cracks on single-pane windows can be filled in with an epoxy resin to keep them from spreading. Simply mix the resin with a hardener and apply it to the crack with a putty knife. You may also try shellac nail polish or super glue. Before attempting any of these methods, clear the affected area of all dust and debris with a toothbrush. This will allow you to get the substance as deep in the crack as possible. 

2. Masking or Packing Tape 

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For larger cracks, put masking or clear packing tape across the glass. This requires access to both sides of the windowpane. The tape will help stabilize the glass and prevent further damage while keeping moisture from getting inside. Make sure it extends past the crack in each direction. Be aware that this will only work for a short period of time. During the hotter months, high temperatures can melt the tape, and the cold weather often breaks down the adhesive.

3. Plastic Covering

A cracked window will not only let wet weather inside but also reduce the comfort and efficiency of your living space. To keep your heat or air conditioning from escaping and making your utility bills skyrocket, you can cover the pane with a thick piece of plastic. Secure it to your window frame with a staple gun so it doesn’t blow off in the wind. Many local hardware stores also carry kits that help insulate windows while waiting for a new home glass installation. 


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