Every business owner has invested thousands of dollars and priceless sweat equity into refining services, setting up the company, and attracting an audience. These investments can lay the foundation for your future, but a single lawsuit or natural disaster can wipe out everything you’ve built. The following guide highlights some common questions you might have about business insurance and how it can help your business bounce back from disaster.

A Guide to Common Business Insurance Questions

Do you need liability insurance?

Liability insurance protects your business from lawsuits related to injuries on your property or damage caused by an employee. Defending yourself against these claims can be extremely expensive, even if you succeed in court. With liability insurance, your insurer will pay the value of valid claims or provide the resources you need to defend yourself.

Will homeowner’s insurance protect your home-based business?

business insurance

Many home-based entrepreneurs assume their home insurance policy will protect their businesses. Unfortunately, these assets and liabilities are typically excluded from most policies.

If your inventory is damaged or a client is injured in the store, your claim may be denied. A separate business insurance policy is the best way to shield your investments from the unexpected.

What types of small business insurance do you need?

Along with liability coverage, you’ll also need business property insurance to protect the tools, equipment, and inventory you rely on. If you operate out of a separate location, this policy will also shield the building from wind damage, fire, vandalism, and a variety of other perils.

If your work can dramatically impact a client’s business, you may also need professional liability coverage. For IT professionals, web developers, attorneys, and financial services, this vital coverage can compensate clients for losses caused by an oversight on your part.

What if you use a car for work?

Like home insurance, your auto coverage likely won’t cover accidents that occur while you’re transporting clients, visiting a customer’s location, or making a delivery. If you use your vehicle for work, adding auto coverage to your business insurance policy will shield you from any related risks.


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