If you’ve been in an auto accident or developed a medical condition, your doctor may recommend physical therapy to aid your recovery. Physical therapists help patients rebuild muscles, manage pain, and may even help them avoid surgery. Below is a deeper explanation of the reasons your doctor may refer you for this treatment.

Why Explore Physical Therapy?

1. Pain Management

Prescription medications only mask pain, and they can come with side effects. Meanwhile, physical therapy can help treat the cause of your symptoms. Manual massage can loosen tight muscles and stiff joints, potentially restoring function and relieving your discomfort without the need for pills.

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2. Recovering From an Accident

After an auto accident or fall, many people have difficulty standing, walking, or getting around the house safely. Physical therapists can show you the proper exercises to rebuild muscles and strengthen joints. This can speed up your recovery and improve your daily life. They can also offer emotional support, drawing from their years of experience tending to patients with similar concerns.

3. Avoiding Surgery

Physical therapy is just as effective at treating many common medical issues, including arthritis, torn tendons, and degenerative disk disease. Depending on the condition, your therapist may help stretch tight muscles and use massage techniques proven to improve blood flow, which helps reduce inflammation. Not only can physical therapy help you avoid surgery, but it’s also less dangerous and has no recovery time.

4. Prevent Future Injuries

Approximately 25% of senior citizens experience a fall per year, and many develop severe, potentially life-altering injuries. If you’ve been injured in a fall, a physical therapist can help restore your mobility, but this dangerous situation is best avoided in the first place. Physical therapy professionals can recommend exercises for improving balance and coordination to make it easier for you to navigate stairs, slippery surfaces, and other obstacles.


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