Hardwood flooring is prized for its durability and high-end aesthetic appeal. While it can stand up to regular wear and tear, the material requires maintenance to ensure longevity. Here are some tips for preserving your floors.

How to Keep Hardwood Flooring in Great Shape

1. Avoid Excess Moisture

Water causes hardwood to warp, bow, and rot if left saturated, making it vital to keep your flooring as dry as possible. Skip traditional mopping, which allows water to sit on the surface, and avoid steaming. If the moisture is particularly high in your home, consider using a dehumidifier in rooms with wood flooring. 

2. Clean Regularly 

hardwood flooring

Keeping the flooring clean helps prevent damage and discoloration, allowing it to maintain its visual appeal. Vacuum the wood at least once a week, but be sure to utilize the bare floor setting to prevent the rollers from scratching the surface. Soak up spills and water or mud brought in from outdoors immediately with an absorbent towel. 

Additionally, use a gentle liquid-based cleanser weekly to remove any dirt and grime. Make sure to choose a solution designed specifically for hardwood flooring as it will dry quickly and won’t harm the finish. 

3. Stick to Rubber-Soled Shoes

While wood is tough, sharp objects can penetrate the seal and scratch the surface. If you wear shoes in the house, make it a rule to remove footwear with points on the soles, such as high heels and cleats, at the door. Change into tennis shoes or slides, which are usually gentle enough to wear without worry. 


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