When browsing used furniture, you want to find items that pair well with your existing decor. However, if you spot a piece you love that doesn't quite match your style, there are some innovative ways to make it work. Use these simple tips to transform used or antique furniture while retaining its unique charm.

How to Upgrade Used Furniture to Fit Your Decor

1. Paint It 

Breathe fresh life into older, worn, or outdated wooden or metal furniture with a fresh coat of paint. Choose rich, bold colors for a total makeover, or use stencils to upgrade certain areas with intriguing designs. 

used furniture

Spray paint offers an affordable, time-saving way to upgrade items, as long as the surface is prepped correctly. Make sure to wipe down the area with a clean cloth, and prime it with white paint if the material is dark.

2. Use a Slipcover

You might find a sofa that's perfectly sized and comfortable, but its upholstery may be an entirely different aesthetic. Slipcovers come in a variety of colors and styles to suit any taste and match any decor. In addition to being versatile, they're washable and easy to change if you decide to redecorate your home.

3. Upgrade Hardware

Changing the hardware on cabinets, drawers, and doors is an affordable and simple way to update used furniture. Sleek, stainless steel knobs instantly make an armoire or cabinet appear newer. Switch out plain, brass drawer pulls for colorful, uniquely shaped knobs to add character to a piece.

4. Add Mirrors

Cover used furniture with acrylic mirrors to revitalize worn or dated pieces. For example, a reflective surface on top of a dresser or coffee table can create a high-end, modern feel. Not only will the piece look refreshed, but mirrors can also make smaller areas appear larger and enhance the overall aesthetic of a room.


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