Birth control is effective at letting you decide when and if you have children. However, it can be used for purposes other than preventing pregnancy. For many reasons, it could be worth checking with your doctor on whether getting a prescription would benefit you. Here are some advantages that may surprise you.

A Guide to the Alternative Benefits of Birth Control

1. Alleviates Complications & Side Effects

Many women have irregular or unusually painful periods. The hormones inside the birth control pill can manage your estrogen and progestin, which your ovaries create, to help you bleed in shorter, lighter, and more regular cycles with less cramping. 

PMS, migraines, anemia, and ovarian cysts are among the potential side effects or complications of periods. Some types of pills contain ingredients that can prevent or diminish these problems. They may even let you skip your period altogether, especially if you use them for an extended time.

birth control

2. Supports Skin & Hair

Acne and excess hair growth are largely influenced by hormone fluctuations, which are particularly pronounced during periods. By regulating your hormones and specifically reducing testosterone, birth control can help your skin stay clear and smooth while moderating your body hair. However, you would need to take the pills for at least six months to see a difference.

3. Reduces Cancer Risk

Since hormone fluctuations directly cause or worsen issues like ovarian cysts and endometriosis, periods can raise the risk that some women will develop ovarian or endometrial cancer. The pills can reduce that risk, as they target the hormones that create such problems. Studies suggest that the pills also play a role in preventing uterine and colon cancer.


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