Tile floors and walls look great, but over time, the grout that fills the spaces between the tiles can pick up dirt, grime, and mildew. Professional grout cleaning will make your tiled areas look sparkling and brand-new, but you can carry out some preventative maintenance in-between visits.

How to Keep Your Grout Clean

1. Use Mats

Grout cleaning is a lot easier when there's simply less dirt to clean. Floor mats will help reduce the amount of dirt tracked into and around your home. Place mats at the front and back doors, as well as in high-trafficked areas like hallways. 

Don't forget the garage and mudroom. Encourage family members to remember to wipe their feet of dirt and mud when entering the home. 

2. Vacuum & Sweep Often

While mats can stop some dirt from coming into the home, they can't prevent it completely. Thoroughly sweep and vacuum the floors on a regular basis. If your grout cleaning sessions are long and arduous, you should consider vacuuming daily.

3. Mop

grout cleaning

The trick to mopping is not to use too much water. Remember, as you mop, the bucket of water becomes dirtier. So, when you use too much water, you end up pushing soiled water into the grout lines. 

Mops should be damp, not soaking. It's also best if you only mop small areas at a time, so the water remains clean.

4. Deploy Dehumidifiers & Fans

The biggest challenge of grout cleaning is mildew. It's a musty-smelling mold that tends to grow quickly on flat surfaces in very moist environments, such as tiled sections of a bathroom. 

The way to combat mildew is to lower the moisture levels with fans and dehumidifiers. Drier air wards off mildew, which means your grout will stay clean. 


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