UTVs, or utility terrain vehicles, are also called side-by-sides (SXS) because they sit passengers next to each other. These off-roading vehicles are versatile and efficient, which makes them a great choice in outdoor power equipment. As you begin shopping, think through some important considerations to know you've found the right model.

Shopping Guide for UTVs

1. Features

There are a lot of features you may want on your vehicle. If it doesn't come with them, you'll need to confirm that you can have them added aftermarket. Popular features to consider include a winch, roll bars, headlights, cargo boxes, electronic bed dump, quick flip rear seating, audio system, and climate control.

2. Ground Clearance


If you intend to go off-roading with the vehicle on rough terrain, you need a higher ground clearance to avoid bottoming out or getting high-centered and stuck. Generally, it's recommended that you have at least 9 inches of ground clearance if you'll be off-roading. If you don't intend to work in uneven terrain, you may want a lower ground clearance, as this makes it easier to get in and out or load your supplies. 

3. Towing Capabilities

If you intend to be towing a trailer behind your vehicle, know the weight of what you'll be towing. Most vehicles have a standard two-inch receiver with a towing capacity of up to 1,000 or 1,500 pounds. Keep in mind that if you intend to tow on hills or surfaces with loose material, you'll want a heavier vehicle with more power so that it's not overwhelmed by the load. 

4. Passenger Space

Consider how many people you'll usually have with you. If it's just you and one other person, look for a vehicle with bucket seats as they are comfortable and spacious. If you want to be able to squeeze three people up front, look for a bench. Some models offer a second row of seating that can fold down for more cargo room when needed.

5. Turning Radius

Visualize where you will be storing and driving your vehicle. If you'll be maneuvering through tight spaces, look for power steering and a shorter wheelbase to provide a tighter turning radius.


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