AC is essential for battling hot Texas heat. Yet, systems often operate at only partial power resulting from an underlying issue. While a complete breakdown is a sure-fire indicator you need an air conditioning repair, many problems are easy to overlook because they don't fully disrupt the process. Here are three instances you shouldn't ignore. 

How to Recognize When Your AC Needs Repairs

1. Insufficient Cooling

air conditioning repair

If the system is producing warm air, maintaining home comfort is impossible. There are few potential culprits in this situation. Low refrigerant is a common reason and can be caused by a leak in the equipment. A defective compressor can also prevent the unit from cooling the air.

2. Loud Noises

Producing and pushing cold air throughout a home involves multiple components, so some noise is expected. Typically, you can hear the system kicking on and off—a click or thump—and the sound of the blower, which creates a whooshing or fanlike noise. 

On the other hand, grinding or squealing sounds indicate a loose or damaged piece of equipment within the system. For example, high-pitched squealing is commonly a symptom of worn bearings and represents motor problems. Contacting an HVAC technician promptly can help contain the issue and prevent full-system failure. 

3. Weak Airflow

When the AC is activated, you should easily feel the airflow within a few feet of the vent. If the flow is limited or non-existent and only certain areas of the house are sufficient, this may occur from a damaged or blocked duct. It can also be caused by a duct system that has not been designed correctly for proper airflow distribution.

Regardless of the cause, allowing the problem to continue places unnecessary strain on the rest of the system as it tries to keep up. For that reason, prompt air conditioning repairs are essential.


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