If your little one has shown an interest in dancing, you may be wondering what type of class to enroll them in. Tap dance classes are a wonderful introduction to the world of dance. Between fast footwork and the unmistakable click of the shoes, it's a popular choice for most children. Take a look at a few of the benefits before signing them up.  

Why Is Tap Dance Good to Learn? 

1. Improves Balance

One of the first techniques students learn in tap dance classes is how to steady themselves on the balls of their feet. This helps them recognize where to shift their weight and strengthen their core. With consistent practice, your child will gain more control over their body and improve coordination. And while most young children may not have back pain now, tap dancing will ensure it doesn't develop over the years, along with imbalance problems. 

2. Combines Music & Dance

tap dance class

Unlike other styles, tap dance allows your child to move and make music. They can enjoy hearing themselves produce rhythmic sounds as they move their feet. Since no musical accompaniment is needed, this can give your little one great satisfaction and encouragement to learn new techniques. This also means they can practice just about anywhere as long as they have their tap shoes with them.   

3. Exercises the Brain

The movements of tap dancing require students to remember complex patterns so that their brain, legs, and feet remain in sync. The need for precision and correct timing sharpens kids’ focus and keeps their minds stimulated. This can lead to better concentration and performance in other areas, such as academic studies.   

If you’re ready to enroll your child in tap dance classes, reach out to Bender Performing Arts. Located in Phoenix, AZ, the dance studio offers lessons for kids of any skill level and age. Students are guided by compassionate instructors who make sure everyone feels comfortable, supported, and safe. Call (602) 971-9170 if you have questions, or visit their website to view their class schedule.