Spring is the ideal time for families to discuss summer activities because there's plenty of time to find out what the kids are interested in and research available programs. Dance classes offer a range of benefits that help kids have a healthier, more fun summer. Below are a few ways time in the dance studio can help your child thrive.

Why Should Your Child Take Summer Dance Classes?

1. Reduce Screen Time

Excessive screen time can have a negative effect on children, such as attention, social, and behavioral problems, sleep issues, and academic challenges. Children who spend significant time playing video games, watching TV, and browsing online are also at greater risk of weight gain because these are sedentary activities. Your child's dance class schedule leaves less time for screen-based activities and allows them to enjoy a new real-world activity. 

2. Engage the Mind

dance classes

Learning choreography is a workout for the brain as well as the body. Dance helps build new neural pathways that improve spatial reasoning and long-term memory. The process of mastering individual techniques and building routines requires your child to focus on each movement and anticipate what happens next on stage. These skills keep their brain active outside the classroom and encourage creative thinking and planning. 

3. Promote Physical Activity

As both a cardiovascular and a strength-training activity, dance is arguably one of the most fun ways to stay in shape. Routines typically involve fast-pasted movements and leaps, which work out the heart and blood vessels, while holding different poses requires strong muscles. Children who enjoy physically active lifestyles frequently grow up to be active adults, which decreases their risk of obesity-related health issues. 

4. Offer Fun With Friends 

Attending summer dance classes helps your child stay in touch with their friends and make new ones. This is especially beneficial if you're new to the area or starting a new school in the fall. Navigating new social situations helps kids develop their problem-solving and conflict resolution skills, preparing them for success and healthier relationships in the future. 


Now is the ideal time to enroll your child in summer dance classes at Bender Performing Arts, the studio serving North Scottsdale, North Phoenix, and Cave Creek, AZ, since 1974. This 14,000-square-foot studio offers a variety of classes for children and teens, including ballet, hip hop, tap, and jazz. Visit the website for more information about upcoming classes and call (602) 971-9170 to discuss registration.