If you’ve recently become engaged, scheduling professional photography is an excellent way to celebrate. Not only does it mark this special occasion with memories you can cherish forever, but it also provides you with the perfect images to use on your save-the-date announcements. As you think about a professional session, here are some considerations for clothing choices.

A Guide to Engagement Photography Clothing 

1. Complement Without Matching

Matching outfits aren’t ideal, as you’ll want to stand out as individuals while still complementing each other. Choose an overall color scheme, such as jewel tones, pastels, or neutrals. 

Then, plan outfits in complementary shades. Select shades on opposite sides of the color wheel when in doubt. For instance, blue complements orange while purple and yellow pair well together.

2. Dress Like Yourselves

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Don’t feel the need to go for a formal look if you usually wear casual clothes. While you can get a little dressed up for the occasion, you’ll still want to look like yourselves. For women, sweaters and dresses often strike the right balance, while men might wear button-downs or polo shirts.  

3. Consider Solids or Large Patterns

Small, busy patterns can be distracting in photography. Large plaid or striped prints tend to work better as they’re easier for the eye to process. When in doubt, stick to solids. You can always add visual interest with different textures, such as silk or wool. 

4. Accessorize Moderately 

Liven up your photos with one or two statement accessories that speak to you. For instance, if you always wear an oversize necklace, don’t hesitate to include it in your outfit. If your fiancé typically wears a hat or watch, you might find a way to highlight it in their outfit, too. 


No matter what clothing choices you settle on, Cammel’s Photography can capture stunning engagement photos to help you prepare for your upcoming nuptials. Serving North Raleigh, NC, photographer Cammel Hurse specializes in turning special moments into lasting memories. Explore his portfolio online or call (984) 837-2395 to discuss your photography needs.