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68-760 Farrington Hwy, East Gate 2nd Building, Waialua, HI 96791

About Pacific Skydiving Center

Over the Beach, Under the Sun!

Pacific Skydiving Center in Waialua, HI, is the premier skydiving experience close to Honolulu that has been guaranteeing to thrill novice and seasoned skydivers alike for over 42 years. Located on the island of Oahu, Pacific Skydiving Center is the only military-certified skydiving company on Oahu. They are located on a designated USPA dropzone and have the most internationally experienced, licensed USPA instructors in the state , including one professional who has logged over 21,000 tandem skydiving jumps .

With its pair of new, $2 million corporate airplanes specially modified for skydiving and certified to fly up to 24,000 feet high with 21 passengers, Pacific Skydiving Center offers  packages including Tandem Jumps (8,000-10,000 feet), Ultimate Skydive (14,000-15,000) and Extreme (22,000-24,000). If you want to memorialize your free-fall adventure, the Waikiki skydiving crew also offers photo and video packages.

Pacific Skydiving Honolulu provides the only “ proof of altitude” guarantee in Honolulu. If the Ultimate Tandem altitude of 14,000 feet cannot be reached, you only pay the regular tandem (8,000 feet) price, and only Pacific Skydiving Honolulu offers proof of altitude on all jumps.

Pacific Skydiving Center also offers skydiving classes and is the only skydiving center near Honolulu to offer the  Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) program to new students, so you can be confident in your skills while taking "the leap."

Pacific Skydiving Honolulu carries an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau, but prides itself most on its excellent safety record with no fatalities. While skydiving carries an inherent risk, Pacific Skydiving Honolulu adheres to the highest safety standards for its gear, equipment, and instructors. Their professional staff are thoroughly trained to ensure the comfort and safety of all jumpers, and Pacific Skydiving Center will never risk the safety of its guests or staff by jumping in conditions deemed hazardous by their pilots or instructors.

For more information about Pacific Skydiving Center and its many jumping options and skydiving classes, call them at (808) 637-7472 or visit them online.



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"So the actual experience was great! There were 6 of us and our jumpers were wonderful. We choose the higher drop and had to wait about 30 minutes total after filling out all the paperwork. They made us get on a scale and those over 200 lbs had to pay CASH for the range they were in over 200, up to $50. The guide to fill out the paperwork and woman checking us out at the end both came off as very annoyed and impatient. For those who bought the pictures/videos, they came out great. They could be more organized with better communication and expectation, but the jump itself was awesome!"... more
- 262christib [TripAdvisor, October 11, 2021]
"We chose the lower jump altitude and had to wait quite awhile for our jump time. We were told that it could be up to four hours, and we waited about two. I’m not sure what the point of making a reservation for 10:30 am for the lower jump height was since plenty of people got there after us and jumped before us, but at least pacific skydiving was upfront about how long it could take. Having a vending machine or snacks/water for purchase would’ve been a plus. As for safety and professionalism, pacific skydiving was top notch."... more
- Happiness48676268771 [TripAdvisor, August 17, 2021]
"Eat experience ever. Great staff, great service & an AWESOME view!!! Jump of a lifetime & Pacific Skydiving made it memorable."... more
- allensB9788LV [TripAdvisor, August 14, 2021]