Routinely vacuuming your carpet is important to keep dust and debris at bay, but it may not be doing enough to get rid of harmful dirt in your home. Thorough carpet cleaning in your home is essential to maintaining a healthy environment. 

Potential Risks of a Dirty Carpet

1. Germs & Bacteria

Dropped bits of food, spilled drinks, and dirt and debris brought in by shoes are all present in carpeting after time. These can all result in the growth of bacteria. Additionally, germs can easily be brought indoors on shoes and linger on carpets.

2. Respiratory Issues

The presence of dust, pet dander and hair, and dead skin cells accumulate even when vacuuming is done. In addition to being allergy triggers for many, these also change the overall air quality in your home. Without proper carpet cleaning, homes can have 8 to 10 times worse air quality than the outdoors.

carpet cleaning

3. Skin Irritation

In addition to respiratory issues, the presence of dust mites and dirt in a carpet can cause a host of skin concerns. These include eczema, athlete’s foot, and general irritation.

4. Stomach Illness

When a carpet is at all damp, it can eventually lead to mold. Mold can lead to stomach irritation and infection. There is also the potential for salmonella to grow in your home if food debris has been left behind in carpets.

5. Pests

When little bits of food remains on the carpet, it is an invitation for unwanted house guests. Mice, roaches, and other pests need food to live on and often find a good source in dirty carpeting. These pests can eventually be the cause of various illnesses.


Regular carpet cleaning can keep your home safe, and Picazo Carpet Cleaning & Flooring can help. For over 24 years, they have provided friendly service and expert care to the homes of Durham, NC. To schedule a cleaning, give them a call at (919) 697-1154. You can also visit their website to see the services they offer.