Stripping and waxing the floors are common parts of building maintenance, allowing for the removal of old material and ensuring the surface remains shiny. However, for businesses that aren’t familiar with these techniques, it can be difficult to determine when they need to have them done. Here's what you should know about stripping and waxing, so you can determine when they might help your business. 

4 FAQ About Stripping & Waxing

What is stripping and waxing? 

Over the years, floors sustain a good amount of wear and tear. Fortunately, stripping and waxing can ensure a smooth finish. A team of professionals will first come in and use a strong solvent to break down the initial layer of wax. Specialized tools and cleaners will remove all of the residue. Once the floor is fully dry, they’ll apply a fresh layer of wax to protect it from future damage. 

What type of wax should be used? 

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There are different types of waxes used, each for a specific purpose. If you have a room that contains servers and computers, for example, you should use static-free wax to preserve the functionality of the space and keep the materials from causing any amount of interference. However, harder waxes are available for areas that experience a consistent level of foot traffic, such as lobbies; their durability can resist scratching or denting and preserve the floor’s pristine appearance. 

How often should I schedule a service?  

Generally, stripping and waxing will always bring the floors back to their original appearance. However, how often you schedule the service depends on the type of office you run, as well as how often the floors are used. If the building sees a regular flow of customers, then you might want to schedule a service every six months. For those who operate solely through online interactions, it might be more used to extend that timeframe to once every year. 

Does it offer any benefits? 

Even the strongest flooring materials experience a fair amount of wear and tear over the years. Luckily, stripping and waxing your floor will extend its longevity. This creates a solid barrier that protects against a direct impact from various types of footwear. Additionally, the risk of damage and the potential for water stains will be reduced, helping naturally preserve the appearance of the material. 


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