Whether your windshield was cracked by a bird or a collision with another vehicle, driving with damaged glass is unsafe. If you need auto glass replacement, you’ll be faced with deciding what kind of product to get. Repair companies will likely offer OEM or aftermarket glass, and while these two options might look the same, they have some key differences. Learn more about what makes each one unique in the following guide.

What’s the Difference Between OEM & Aftermarket Auto Glass?

OEM Auto Glass

This acronym stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer, meaning the glass was made by the same official manufacturing company as the rest of your vehicle. You can tell when a part is OEM based on the factory it came from, and also because it will be branded with the company's name.

Auto manufacturers often produce extra parts that are identical to those placed in the vehicles in their assembly lines. When you get into an accident or your windshield is struck and damaged by an object, you can purchase a new piece of glass from this leftover stockpile. OEM parts offer a superior fit, and in some cases, better quality than aftermarket auto glass.

Aftermarket Auto Glass

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Aftermarket auto parts are produced by different companies than the makers of original vehicles. While many of these components can compete with their OEM counterparts in quality, there are usually small differences between the two. As a result, aftermarket auto glass is often sold at a lower price and benefits a driver if they're on a budget. 

If you have an older car and the manufacturer has run out of OEM glass, you may need to turn to the aftermarket option out of necessity. If you choose this option, you should always source it from an experienced repair company that can verify its quality and compatibility with your vehicle type. Some insurance companies prefer aftermarket auto glass replacements because they keep costs low, so check with your agent before making a final decision.


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