Extreme temperatures can take a toll on automobile glass. As the material expands and contracts, the surface can weaken and become damaged. This guide outlines more about how heat affects car glass so drivers can protect vehicles from summer sunshine and prevent the need for auto windshield repair or replacement.

How Does Heat Impact Windshield Damage?

Your windshield has a black ceramic border called the frit. This is applied to the outside surface and bonds the glass to the car's frame. Due to its coloring, it will absorb more heat, making the pane's edges hotter than the center. This temperature difference can make the material unstable and vulnerable to cracks.

More severe damage can result from drastic and quick temperature changes. On warm days, drivers often blast the air conditioning to cool down car interiors. Since glass expands when it's hot out, this could cause the windshield to contract rapidly. This excess stress can make the material more susceptible to damage and can also cause existing cracks to lengthen. If force is applied to the surface, it might crack or even shatter.

Summer also is a popular time for travel. When you spend more time on the road, driving in varying conditions, there's a higher risk of glass becoming chipped or cracked from rocks or road debris that's kicked up by other vehicles.

How Can You Protect Auto Glass Until Your Repair or Replacement Appointment?

auto windshield repair

Don’t postpone auto windshield repair, as even the most minor damage can worsen in extreme weather. If the crack or chip affects your line of sight while driving, consider minimizing your time on the road or avoiding it altogether until the windshield is fixed.

While awaiting repairs, be gentle with the vehicle. Avoid slamming the doors as the impact could cause delicate glass to shatter. Park in the shade so the pane doesn’t rapidly expand and exacerbate the damage. This will also prevent an extreme temperature change when you turn on the AC. Cool the vehicle gradually to prevent rapid contraction. On hotter days, turn on the car before driving so the AC can lower interior temperatures before you get inside.


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