A cracked windshield can be detrimental for many reasons. Not only is it aesthetically displeasing, but even the smallest break could also lead to more widespread damage over time. This leaves you at significant risk when you’re on the road, so it’s crucial to avoid situations that might eventually lead to the need for windshield replacements or repairs. Here are three common culprits responsible for causing cracks.

What Causes Windshields to Crack?

1. Structural Issues

Existing defects make glass very susceptible to the eventual need for windshield replacement or repair. Whether the structural issue is due to improper installation or inferior glass, these problems can impact the long-term safety of a windshield. When the piece is poorly installed, it is exposed to vibrations as you drive that could cause the pane to crack. It’s also more inclined to suffer damage if it’s struck since it’s already in a weak position. 

2. Temperature Fluctuations

windshield replacement

Extreme weather conditions can also take their toll. When the outdoor temperature quickly changes from warm to cold or vice versa, the layers that constitute the glass are significantly impacted. 

For example, the outer portion may feel hot or cold to the touch, but the inner layer may be the opposite. This difference causes one area to contract and the other to expand, making it far more vulnerable to developing cracks. Avoid exposing the glass to any type of extreme temperature fluctuation, like throwing hot water on an iced-over windshield to try to thaw it out.

3. Surface Debris

A windshield often develops a crack if it's struck by debris when you're driving. This is more likely to occur on a surface that’s continuously rocky or challenging, like a gravel road or any unpaved section where small granules are kicked up by vehicles traveling in front of you. Construction zones can also be problematic.

If you can’t avoid driving on this type of street, keep a significant distance between you and the ar in front of you. Driving below the speed limit can also help prevent pebbles from flying out from under your own wheels and striking the window.


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