Auto glass replacement can take a dangerous and unattractive problem and transform it into a feature that is safe and looks as good as new. Proper aftercare ensures that the time and expense it takes to achieve these results aren’t wasted. Here are some simple precautions every driver should take if they’ve recently had their windshield fixed or replaced.

What Steps Should You Take After an Auto Glass Replacement?

1. Leave the Tape in Place

Skilled installers will place fixing tape around the outer edge of the glass to make everything aligns properly. This may not look ideal for the first few days, but it protects the seals while the glass and adhesive set firmly. Pulling the tape off before a full day has passed could compromise the installation.

2. Avoid Car Washes

The high-pressure equipment in a drive-thru car wash will be harsh on freshly placed glass. Stay away from automatic washes for a minimum of three days. If you spy any dirt and want to remove it, use gentle spot cleaning to take care of the grime. However, it's the pressurized spray that could damage the installation, not the moisture, so don’t stress if the vehicle gets rained on.

3. Handle the Car With Care

auto glass replacement

Try to avoid activities that will jar or shake the vehicle. When you're driving, do your best to dodge potholes and reroute around gravel roads; do not slam the doors when entering and exiting the car. Until the glass is fully set, these jolting movements could cause the pane to shift. 

4. Park Wisely

If your auto glass replacement was due to vandalism, don’t park the repaired vehicle in the same areas. Street parking, where the car might be subject to movement due to passing vehicles, should also be avoided. During the first 24 hours following the replacement, opt for smooth, flat parking lots. Leaving the car on a slope before the seals dry also puts them at risk since the product could drip or seep out from around the glass edges.

5. Don’t Touch the Glass

A visual inspection of your new windshield or windows is allowed but avoid touching the material for a day or two. Do not put windshield covers or other materials on it either. If you need to replace or adjust your windshield wipers, wait 24 hours to do so. This ensures you don’t accidentally void any warranties on the installation by knocking the glass out of place.


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