Windshields can chip or crack when hit with flying debris. These tiny imperfections may not seem like big deals in the moment, so some drivers put off getting them fixed. However, waiting to correct the issues can sometimes lead to more serious and extensive damage. The following guide outlines why you shouldn’t put off windshield replacement or repair. 

Why You Shouldn’t Wait to Get a Cracked Car Windshield Fixed

1. Provides Less Structural Support

The windshield is an important part of your vehicle’s structure since it connects to multiple parts of the frame. If it’s already cracked, its integrity has been compromised, making it more likely to shatter in a collision. The windshield is also designed to maintain the vehicle's frame and keep the roof from crumpling in during an accident—especially one involving a roll-over. If the glass is fractured, the airbag also might not deploy properly, which could cause additional injuries.

2. Offers Decreased Visibility

windshield replacement

A crack or chip can block your view of the road ahead. Even a seemingly small imperfection may make it harder to see pedestrians or road hazards, which could increase the likelihood of collisions and force you to brake or swerve at the last minute. Police can also write citations for driving with a cracked windshield due to the decreased visibility. 

3. Increases Risk of Damage

A tiny auto glass chip can be fixed quickly and affordably with resin. However, extreme temperature shifts and stress on the pane can cause a small chip to turn into a large crack. These cannot be fixed so easily, making a full windshield replacement necessary. While this is still a fairly seamless service, it does involve removing the current auto glass. Fixing small imperfections right away allows you to avoid these complications altogether.


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