A steel frame consists of vertical columns and horizontal beams assembled in a grid to support the structural elements of a building. Steel structures are used in low-, mid-, and high-rise buildings because they offer excellent durability and stability. If you are planning to construct a new building, below are several advantages of using steel framing.

Why Should Your Building Use a Steel Structure?

1. Increase Strength

The strength-to-weight ratio of a material shows how durable it is compared to its overall weight. When this ratio is higher, the material can support more weight than itself, which is a significant factor in construction. While traditional frames were made of wood, steel has a higher strength-to-weight ratio, which makes it easier to work with. This simplifies and streamlines the design process, helping you reduce labor needs during construction.

2. Save Money

Steel Structural Design

Since you won't need as much weight in steel, transporting the material to the construction site is cheaper. Also, you can construct steel structures faster than other types of framing, which reduces your labor costs. Plus, after you finish the frame, it is less likely to experience damage due to fire or strong winds, protecting you from significant financial loss after a disaster.

3. Help the Environment

With environmental concerns being an increasing priority for many property owners, steel is one of the most eco-friendly framing options on the market. The production process does not have significant energy demands, which means it is cheaper and less impactful to create. Also, steel and the byproducts it creates are completely recyclable, allowing manufacturers to reuse it continuously to create new products. This is much better than wood, as replanting and growing trees takes many years.

4. Speed Up Construction

The design and engineering process of a steel structure takes place before the frame arrives at the construction site. Once it does, your crew can immediately begin assembling the precut parts according to the blueprints, as everything will fit together perfectly. This allows you to finish the building much faster, even if you are planning to build a tall apartment.


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