Selling a home requires the assistance of a Realtor®, who can provide essential insight during the process. However, there are some steps you can take before getting started to ensure the property is ready for buyers. Even the best homes may be overlooked if they don't make a great first impression, but the following tips ensure buyers are wowed at first glance. 

4 Steps to Get Your Home Ready to Sell

1. Deep Clean & De-Clutter

Washing or painting the walls, cleaning the carpet, and cleaning tiles in the bathroom will make the property look brand-new to potential buyers. De-cluttering is another important aspect of preparation, as it allows people to see the unique features and architecture of the home. In addition to discarding and donating unwanted items, consider renting a storage unit to keep items you'd like to take to your new home. 

2. Organize Documents


Real estate transactions require a lot of documentation. Compile items related to past repairs and renovations, property boundaries, tax payments, utility bills, warranty information, and other essential documents to present to your Realtor as well as prospective buyers. Having this information ahead of time will save you problems once you begin accepting offers. 

3. Relocate Personal Items

Personal items, such as family photos and heirlooms, are often hung up on walls. However, these items can prevent buyers from fully envisioning themselves living in the property. Create a neutral, impersonal space, which requires removing family photographs during showings. Items can be placed in storage until you're ready to move, so they remain protected during the process. 

4. Enhance Curb Appeal

Keep in mind that the home's exterior will make the first impression on buyers. Hire a landscaper to trim trees and mow the lawn. If the home's siding appears worn, powerwash dirt and debris away to make the surface sparkle again. Powerwash the driveway and deck as well to restore shine and remove unsightly grime. 


If you need help selling your home, trust Realtor Josh Jarboe RE/MAX Alliance to help you throughout the process. Armed with extensive knowledge of the local market, this ambitious Realtor can help set the best asking price, list your home, and get it ready for buyers. Josh is always available to answer questions and address concerns, so you can remain informed during the sales process. Call (502) 216-7590 to schedule a consultation or visit him online to learn more about his services.