When adopting children of a different race than your own,  the importance of understanding hair care for their unique texture may not be immediately apparent. Finding classes on caring for African American hair is an essential aspect of respecting your child's culture and building self-confidence. Below are some helpful tips to follow.

5 Steps for Caring for African American Hair

1. Use Wide-Tooth Combs

While straight hair can be easily combed through with any brush or comb, curly hair often requires different tools. Wide-toothed combs can detangle curly hair without pulling on individual strands or causing stress to the hair roots and scalp.

2. Moisturize Thoroughly

While over-moisturizing can lead to a greasy feeling or limpness when used on straight hair, it is an essential component of healthy curls. African American hair should be moisturized every day. Depending on the hairstyle your child uses, you may want to moisturize any exposed scalp as well.

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3. Always Use Detangler

Curly hair should never be brushed out while dry, as this can lead to split ends and other breakage issues. Instead, use a detangler on damp hair to brush out any snarls that may be in your child's hair. Choose a detangler that is specifically for curly hair if you can find one, as well. 

4. Find the Right Salon

Ensuring that your hair care specialist understands your child's hair is important, as the wrong hair care can lead to lasting damage. Talk to your salon about whether they offer any classes in caring for African American hair.

5. Educate Yourself

In addition to taking hair care classes and talking to stylists, there are many online videos and blogs that deal specifically with caring for African American hair. When your child is old enough, ask them about their hair and potential hairstyles they would like to try out. Hair is an integral part of your child's culture and should never be overlooked.


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