Having a wheel alignment performed is a preventive auto care service most drivers know they’ll need at some point. Yet, many car owners aren’t sure when to have it done or why it’s necessary. Here are answers to some common wheel alignment questions. 

A Guide to Wheel Alignments

What happens during a wheel alignment?

Auto care professionals perform alignments by adjusting the angles of a vehicle’s wheels. To do this, they will raise the car on a hoist and connect it to an alignment machine, which features devices that attach to the wheels. The machine will then direct the auto technician to make any necessary adjustments.

Why are wheel alignments necessary?

Over time, everyday driving conditions can throw your car’s wheels slightly off balance. The results may not always be noticeable, but misalignments can put pressure on one area of your tires more than others, causing uneven and premature wear. A more pronounced misalignment could cause vibrations in the steering wheel or pulling in one direction.

What can impact a car’s alignment?

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The alignment can shift because the suspension settles and components of your car’s frame, such as the springs, begin to fatigue. Impacts such as striking a curb, driving over a bump, or hitting a large pothole can also force the wheels out of alignment. Additionally, towing heavy loads or driving with a bent suspension can alter the wheels’ alignment.

When should I have an alignment service performed?

Any time you notice pulling to one side or steering wheel vibrations, have your car checked out by a professional to find out if there’s an alignment issue. Additionally, you should have your wheels balanced when purchasing new tires to ensure the tread wears evenly. 

If you’ve experienced an accident, hit a curb, or driven over an object or large pothole, you should also schedule an alignment. Have this auto care service done at least once a year as a preventive measure or twice annually if you drive on rough roads.


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