Designing and building a custom home is a satisfying, rewarding experience. While your building contractor will handle the construction, you can customize every feature and fixture so that the finished property matches your unique style and preferences. If you need some design inspiration, here are several trends that have captured the imaginations of designers this year.

What Are Popular Construction Styles in 2021?

1. Statement Staircases

While staircases often serve as functional pieces, many designers have started using them to express style and creativity. For example, if you prefer classic decor, a winding, spiral staircase is an elegant addition. There are also floating steps, which make a bold statement in modern homes. You can even convert the space underneath the staircase for additional storage. Open bookshelves allow you to display your favorite knick-knacks and decorations, while closets provide extra room for coats and footwear.

2. Smart Home Offices

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If you work from home, having a functional office ensures you are productive. For private, convenient, and effective video conferencing, design a room that's far from the kitchen and den. Then, you can set up a large monitor, wireless stereo system, and bright lighting to ensure your meetings are professional.

You can also make the experience more convenient with automated window coverings, allowing you to open and close them by pressing a button. If you need many electrical devices for your job, outfitting the room with high-quality wiring ensures you have enough power to run the equipment simultaneously. 

3. Layered Kitchens 

While open kitchens create more flow in homes, some homeowners find them inconvenient when entertaining guests. Layered kitchens are an excellent alternative, as they allow interaction without any of the distractions of an open floor plan. This design entails creating two kitchens. A wall partition separates the cooking area from the entertaining area, allowing you to host parties and show off the space while you prepare the meal.


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