African Restaurant
Amina's African Sambusas

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6555 W Overland Rd Ste 104, Boise, ID 83709

About Amina's African Sambusas

Bite into an authentic African-style meal and immerse yourself in the culture at Amina’s African Sambusas. This traditional African restaurant has provided customers in Boise, ID, with delicious African cuisine for over nine years. 

Their diverse menu is full of authentic African entrées, appetizers, and drinks. Whether you’re looking for the juicy flavor of a beef sambusa with fresh cilantro, potatoes, onions, and heaping helpings of spices, or you’re hungry for vegetarian options that preserve the taste and spice without the meat, this African restaurant carries something for everyone.

Call Amina’s African Sambusas today at (986) 888-5428 or visit them on Facebook to view their menu or place a takeout order.




(1 reviews)