With the vast array of diverse and exciting channels that streaming services offer, access to local channels is still a top preference for many. Unfortunately, users may end up sacrificing the latter because major television networks don't have the authority to own local stations. Fortunately, there are streaming internet services that deliver the best of both worlds. Here are a few to keep in mind.

Which Streaming Services Provide Local Channel Access?

1. DirecTV

With this provider, you can watch local news and sports that are typically broadcast on major networks such as ABC, NBC, CBS, and Fox, along with more than 65 streaming channels. Depending on DirecTV's streaming internet services, users may be able to have up to 25 streams per account at home and remotely. There is also a free trial for new subscribers to determine if this option meets their viewing needs. There are also features such as fast-forwarding or skipping past commercials with cloud DVR for an additional fee. 

2. FuboTV

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Subscribers have access that is similar to DirecTV, including local news and sports, and a free trial period. One exception is that only three simultaneous streams per household account are available. However, more than 100 streaming internet services are offered. There are also cloud DVR packages of 250 or 1,000 hours per month for an additional fee. Users can skip or fast-forward past commercials with cloud DVR without paying extra to do so. 

3. YouTube TV

A combination of local channel access and more than 85 streaming service channels is the viewing base for YouTube TV. Subscribers can also take advantage of a free trial and have unlimited cloud DVR usage each month. While there are three simultaneous streams per household account, users can sign up for unlimited and 4k streams for an additional fee. Commercial-free viewing on local channels is also available with cloud DVR.

4. Hulu Plus Live TV

Local access to ABC, NBC, CBS, and Fox is available along with more than 70 streaming internet service channels. Hulu Plus Live TV also offers unlimited cloud DVR hours and unlimited streams per account for an additional fee. There is no free trial period, and commercial skipping and fast-forwarding with cloud DVR are available.


These are just a few of the options available to have access to local channels. GreatWave Communications in Conneaut, OH, offers a wide range of streaming internet service choices without giving up area viewing ties. For instance, FuboTV features local sporting events to ensure fans are in on the latest games and playoffs. In fact, most cable companies don't offer the Bally Channel, which prevents watching local Cleveland Guardians MLB games. Customized packages are available so that everyone in the household gets to watch their preferred shows, movies, documentaries, children's programming, and much more. Rates are also competitive and budget-friendly. For details about streaming and local channel access plans, call (440) 593-7140 or visit the website