If you've been wondering about updating or replacing your businesses' roof but aren't sure if it is necessary, recognizing certain signs can help make the decision easier. As one of the most important pieces of a commercial building due to the fact that it keeps everything within protected from the elements, making sure it is in good shape will ensure safety for your customers and staff. Investing in a roof replacement can help keep your company safe and thriving, and these signs will help pinpoint when one is necessary.

3 Reasons Your Commercial Roof Might Need Replacing

1. Blistering Or Bubbling

Many commercial roofs have a layer known as a membrane, which is used to protect the inside of the structure from water damage. Whenever air or liquid gets beneath the covering, it can cause blistering or bubbling. Issues like bad ventilation can create these pockets, and if left unattended, the problem can worsen and create damage to the roof.

Hiring a professional to come in and repair bubbles or install a roof replacement will help avoid structural damage and unsafe conditions in the building. Certain climates make structures that use PVC and synthetic rubber membranes more susceptible to blistering, like those that see extreme temperature changes throughout the year.

2. Damage Caused By Storms

Roof Replacement

If your business is in an area that can see bad storms throughout the year, your commercial roofing is likely to be affected. Intense rain and hail can cause damage, especially if the water remains for a long time after and begins to cause roof rot. Debris from extreme winds can be dangerous if left unmanaged, as excess weight can add to rotting pieces and create water spots and sagging that filter down into the interior ceiling. 

After a big storm, having a contractor check the roof and clear away branches, leaves, and repair hail or rain damage can help maintain the integrity, or let you know if roof replacement is necessary, so you can avoid further or more costly issues.

3. Flashing Or Pitch Pans Have Become Damaged

When a commercial roof is built, it will include items called pitch pans or flashing, which are used to divert water away from susceptible areas that can be affected by moisture. If these structures become damaged, liquid can make its way into the interior, causing problems that might not be obvious right away but will lead to costly repairs later.

Getting your commercial building checked regularly, about twice a year, can help keep everything in good order. Roof replacements will ensure the structure can continue to do business and serve its purpose for many years to come, so ensuring it remains in good shape will be beneficial to all.


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