As a pet owner, you might feel like you have to choose between a cohesive interior design plan and allowing your furry friend to have freedom throughout your home; however, you don't have to decide between the two. Instead, simply opt for furniture choices that complement your lifestyle. The following guide offers some tips to help purchase pet-friendly pieces. 

How to Choose Pet-Friendly Furniture

1. Choose a Color Similar to Their Fur

Most cats and dogs shed, and their fur can make your furniture unattractive or dirty if it stands out. To avoid this, choose pieces in shades that are similar to your cat's or dog's fur. For instance, if you have a Black Labrador, a white couch would be problematic. Instead, opt for a black or dark brown couch instead. If you want to add pops of color, do so with accent pieces like throw pillows or blankets. 

2. Consider the Material's Maintenance & Durability


With the maintenance, consider whether the material in question will be easy to clean if your pet has an accident or brings in mud from outside. In this case, a suede couch or velvet armchair could be problematic, while a synthetic fabric, like nylon, is easier to work with and clean.

For durability, consider whether a piece of furniture will stand up to your pet's claws. A smooth leather will easily show scratch marks, while a more "distressed" leather material will hide any blemishes. It’s best to use genuine leather versus the faux material since the material is thicker.

3. Utilize Area Rugs

If your pet has an accident on hardwood flooring or carpet, it could be challenging to fully remove the stain or scent. To mitigate this issue, incorporate area rugs throughout your home. Look for ones that can be put in the washer and dryer to simplify cleanup even further. 


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