Gutters are critical components of your home because they divert water away from the roof, siding, landscaping, and foundation, preventing significant damage. They last longer with routine cleaning and maintenance. However, if they exhibit red flags such as those below, get them fixed.

When Do You Need Drainage Repairs?

1. Cracks & Gaps

Gutter channels should never have cracks or holes in them as these can allow water to leak out instead of going down the downspout and away from the property. Once you find them—even small ones—have them patched promptly. If left unaddressed, the leak will grow larger, which could cause water to penetrate the soffits, fascia boards, or your exterior walls and weaken their structural integrity.

2. Peeling Paint or Orange Flecks

Check for flaking paint or orange specks in or around the gutters, which indicate the presence of rust or corrosion. This happens when the channels retain water for an extended period due to clogs, cracks, or other problems. The rust will then spread until it compromises all of the metal.


3. Sagging or Pulling 

When your gutters begin to sag or pull away from your property, immediate repairs are necessary. Although a loose hanger or broken spike might cause the misalignment, it is also possible that the cause is more serious, such as decaying fascia boards. Often, these issues suggest that your gutters are frequently overflowing with water from poor drainage.

4. Pooling Water or Mildew Near Foundation

When your gutters drain improperly, water tends to pool on the ground near your home’s foundation or the basement. This can also become a breeding ground for mold and mildew, which can cause respiratory problems for some people who are exposed to it. Avoid delaying repairs if you discover such issues since extended exposure to water weakens the foundation over time.


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