Signs of a leak in your roofing can range from subtle to obvious. Roof leaks can be caused by bad weather, fallen branches, or wear and tear as your roof ages. Knowing how to spot a leak early allows you to call for repairs before the problem escalates. Here are four of the most common signs of a leaky roof.

How to Know if Your Roof Is Leaking

1. Damaged Flashing

Flashing serves as a transition between your roofing and the structures of your home, such as the chimney. It is typically made of metal and applied with a sealant. During harsh weather or high winds, flashing can become loose or damaged. This allows moisture to seep into your home.

2. Ceiling Stains


Stains on your ceiling are one of the most obvious signs of a roof leak. These stains are usually circular, with a brown discoloration surrounding them. Sometimes, the stain will also be a wet spot, especially if you have an active leak. Stains due to leaks aren't always obvious, so make sure to check the darker corners of your home. Even the smallest stain could indicate a significant leak.

3. Missing Shingles

The roof's shingles are your home's first line of defense against moisture. Fallen branches and severe storms can damage shingles, causing them to break or fall off completely. Debris from broken shingles can also wind up in your gutters, alerting you of potential roof damage. If you notice any of the shingles are damaged or missing, you may also have a leak in your home. 

4. Wet Roof Decking

Visible from inside your attic, roof decking consists of the boards used to attach the roofing to your home. Wet decking is a sign that the outer layer of your roof is damaged and is allowing moisture through. If you have a crawl space attic, a wet roof deck can be harder to notice, so make sure to perform regular inspections.


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