Topsoil is the uppermost layer of the earth's surface and is known for being particularly rich in nutrients. Using it on your property will help your lawn and garden thrive, ensuring plants get the needed nourishment for strong and healthy growth. Below, learn how to effectively use topsoil for both lawn and garden applications.



A layer of fresh topsoil will encourage grass growth on a newly planted lawn, or it can fill in uneven growth or bare spots on your existing lawn. The first step is to spread a thin layer of soil in the areas that need new or fuller growth. With a rake, distribute the soil evenly to avoid patchiness or dead sports. It's typically best to aim for a uniform layer of about five or six inches.

Afterward, it's important to water the soil well, ideally at least two inches of water this first time. This will help the nutrients absorb into the earth and support healthier growth. Moving forward, keep the soil moist and well-watered, but not saturated or flooded.

If you choose to use fertilizer, as well, you'll want to apply it cautiously. A little bit goes a long way, as too much can harm the soil, deprive it of nutrients, and burn the grass roots. However, a small handful of fertilizer can provide additional nourishment for your lawn, allowing it to grow back lush and green.


Three inches of topsoil will adequately nourish most gardens, ensuring that your plants will thrive. However, unlike lawns, gardens require you to mix the topsoil into the existing dirt, not just spread it uniformly over the top.

Prior to planting vegetables or flowers, sprinkle the soil evenly throughout your garden. Using a tiller, you can combine it with the dirt until you can no longer distinguish between the old and new soils. Afterward, it's time to give the garden a thorough watering. This should also be done before planting anything to ensure that the soil is prepared for a new batch of seeds. Again, about two inches of water is appropriate for a first-time watering and will help disperse nutrients deeper into the soil for a vibrant garden.


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