Mulching serves a variety of crucial functions that benefit the health and appearance of your outdoor green spaces. It helps soil retain moisture, provides a natural barrier to weeds and harsh weather conditions, and adds nutrients and nourishment to the earth, among other important perks. Below, learn how much mulch you'll typically need to help your garden thrive, as well as some application tips.

How Much Mulch Do You Need?

You should have enough mulch to cover your green spaces and create a visually appealing result. The first step is to calculate the square footage of the garden or other space you're planning to mulch. Next, you need to determine how thick the layer will need to be. Three to four inches is standard for most tree and shrub beds, while one to three inches is common for vegetable and flower gardens. Once you know the square footage and depth, you can speak with a landscaping expert about the amount needed for your order.

What Are Application Tips?


Mulch needs to be applied correctly to ensure an even, neat appearance. For the best results, start by edging the area with bricks or stones. This will prevent the mulch from spilling over into other areas and will create a neater final green space.

If there is old mulch in place, remove it with a shovel and dispose of it before leveling the area with a rake. If you want to add some additional weed control, it's best to put down a layer of landscape fabric before proceeding.

Then, put small piles of mulch around the space with your hands or a shovel. However, don't dump it all in one area, as this can damage young plants. With a rake or your hands, you can level out the small piles until they are the preferred depth and create a uniform ground covering.

Finish by lightly watering the area. New mulch only requires light watering for the first day, so you shouldn't get the area too damp, especially if there is rain in the forecast. As you work, be sure to keep at least one inch between the mulched area and any surrounding trees or plants. This ensures their root systems will have continued access to air, water, and light.


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