Creating a garden allows you to connect with nature and grow beautiful plants and flowers. While this is an enriching hobby that can be enjoyed at any age, it's a wonderful way to get your kids to explore the natural world. If you love spending time in the yard with your garden supplies, here are a few tips for also getting your children interested in the hobby.

How to Get Kids Interested in Gardening

1. Buy Kid-Friendly Garden Supplies


While you probably have a lot of garden supplies, they are probably made for adults, which are difficult for children to use. You can visit a gardening store and help them pick out the basics like gloves, a gardening fork, hand trowel, and spade. It’s best to wait until they’re older or have parental supervision to use loppers, trimmers, and other bladed garden supplies that they could injure themselves on.

2. Involve Them in Every Step

Kids like feeling like they have control over a project. From the moment you start planning, you should include them in the process. For example, let them pick out a spot in the yard; teach them about water, sunlight, and pests; and discuss what kind of plants to use. A combination of existing growth and seeds will be exciting because they get to experience new growth. To keep them involved with maintenance, you can create a plan for watering, picking weeds, and pruning that they can follow.

3. Pick Easy-to-Grow Plants

Not every plant is easy to grow, and you don’t want your child to lose interest while they wait for seeds to germinate. Instead, choose some beginner plants they can also plant and enjoy. For example, snap peas, sunflowers, tomatoes, daffodils, pansies, and snapdragons are all easy to grow plants and flowers. They also require minimal care, as long as they are planted in the appropriate growing season. 


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