For car owners, keeping up with auto maintenance is a great way to ensure your vehicle continues to run smoothly and efficiently. Over time, if any car components become misaligned, worn down, or simply fail over time, regularly scheduled tune-ups will minimize wear and tear and prevent potentially expensive repairs down the road. Below is a quick guide to auto tune-ups and why they’re so important for your vehicle.

4 Essential Elements of a Vehicle Tune-Up

Replacing the Filters

Replacing dirty, worn-out filters is normally the first step in tuning up your vehicle. Installing new filters for the fuel, air, and cabin air systems keeps debris out of the engine, allowing your car to run at peak efficiency.

Tuning the Ignition System

engine tune up

Next, the technician will switch out the spark plugs and examine the wires, which might also need to be replaced. The ignition coil, which transforms a battery's voltage into higher voltage needed to power your vehicle, will also wear down over time. During the engine tune-up, the technician will examine these components and replace any are under-performing or in need of repair.

Checking the Belts and Hoses

Your vehicle's serpentine and timing belts transfer power to the alternator, water pump, and other components. A broken belt can bring your vehicle to a dead stop, and may even damage delicate engine parts. During your auto maintenance appointment, your technicians will carefully inspect the hoses and replace any that are cracked, loose, or show signs of wear.

Adjusting the Valves

The valves control airflow through the engine, ensuring that the gas combusts at maximum efficiency. Over time, the valves can get misaligned, which can impact fuel efficiency and eventually damage sensitive components. If your engine has been misfiring or has developed a rough idle, your technician might remove the cover and adjust the valve controls.


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