Different households have different storage needs, especially when it comes to pantry organization. Whether you need practical ways to store after-school snacks or an organizational system for easy-to-find ingredients for homecooked meals, investing in pantry storage can streamline cooking, baking, and snacking. Here are some benefits of assessing your home’s pantry and equipping it with functional storage solutions that work for your family. 

4 Reasons to Invest in Pantry Storage Solutions

1. Make Cooking More Fun

Hunting for utensils and ingredients can turn even the simplest kitchen project into a stressful affair, but an organized pantry has a place for everything, making it easy to grab any tools without a fuss. Custom storage solutions allow you to place frequently used items within reach, while seasonal or less commonly reached for tools or ingredients can be tucked out of the way.

2. Deter Pests

Rodents and bugs are attracted to loose food and crumbs, so keeping the pantry clean is a must for pest control. Unfortunately, disorganized pantries often accumulate food waste, especially after a cereal box spills or when your little ones drop snacks on the floor. This problem worsens when your pantry's shelving is awkwardly shaped or curved, especially since it’s a lot of work to remove every food item to clean and then place each item back. 

Luckily, organized storage uses pull-out bins, baskets, turntables, and more to fix this problem. This makes wiping pantry shelves quick and painless. Placing snacks and pet food in closed bins will also deter pests from lurking in your pantry. 

3. Avoid Overbuying

storage solutions

Organizing your pantry so you can easily take inventory of cans, snacks, and cereals can prevent the risk of accidentally doubling up on items. Scannable shelves make it simple to meal prep and make grocery lists. This keeps your food budget under control and prevents canned goods shoved to the back of your pantry shelves from expiring and going to waste.

4. Beautify the Space

In addition to creating timesaving functionality and money-saving visibility, well-designed storage solutions are pleasing to the eye. Studies have linked clutter in the home to increased stress, particularly for those who tend to shoulder the majority of kitchen-related duties. On the other hand, if study participants felt their areas were aesthetically pleasing, they found their homes more relaxing and enjoyable. If you’ve been feeling frazzled at home, getting the pantry organized could be a great way to alleviate stress.


When you’re ready to get your pantry organized, contact Tailored Living® featuring PremierGarage® in Mendota Heights, MN. This professional team offers custom storage solutions to help you keep all areas of your home neat and functional. With bins, baskets, racks, and shelves custom-built for a perfect fit, their designers can craft storage solutions that maximize the space without sacrificing beauty or efficiency. Call (651) 454-1315 to schedule a free consultation, or view examples of completed pantry storage projects on their website.