Basements are valuable spaces for storage, work, and leisure. They’re also subject to higher rates of moisture and risks of water damage, which is why many homeowners look to DIY basement waterproofing kits to help them avoid these and other issues. However, while this approach is potentially less costly in the short term, it can lead to problems over time. Here are a few reasons to avoid waterproofing your basement on your own.

What Are the Risks of DIY Basement Waterproofing?

1. Higher Expenses

The leading reason why many choose DIY waterproofing kits is cost. Compared to professional basement waterproofing, DIY solutions are much more affordable. However, they often provide only short-term relief from water and moisture issues, making it necessary to repeat the process within months.

Furthermore, it’s common for DIYers to discover additional problems as they work, requiring further repairs or upgrades. Without prior knowledge or training, it’s easy to run over budget and even exceed the cost of professional waterproofing.

2. Excavation Hazards

basement waterproofing

Waterproofing a basement often requires some digging in the surrounding soil outside to access the foundation or masonry. In some cases, this may require digging a full trench around the building, which can collapse if not properly shored up or reinforced, thus raising the risk of injuries or property damage.

You may also strike buried cables or utility lines while excavating a trench yourself. If you damage a gas line or power cable, you could face a serious risk of injury and end up requiring costly emergency repairs.

3. Health Risks

In many cases, DIY basement waterproofing kits can’t reliably keep water and moisture out. As a consequence, water can still accumulate, leading to issues like a heightened risk of mold and mildew growth, difficulty heating and cooling, and more frequent respiratory illnesses and allergic reactions. Only waterproofing professionals can provide reasonable guarantees that their work will reduce your risk of these and other issues.


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