A residence with good interior air quality promotes easy breathing and better sleep. However, mold can quickly put this at risk. As a result, many people use do-it-yourself mold testing kits to evaluate the air quality in their homes. Although it's a quick approach, the results are often unreliable. Here's a closer look at the risks of a DIY kit.

Why You Should Avoid Using DIY Mold Testing Kits

1. Uncalibrated Sampling Pumps 

DIY mold testing kits are inexpensive and simple to use. However, due to their low cost, most testing kits on the market lack calibrated sample pumps. This component is critical for ensuring the accuracy and dependability of the outcomes. If you want to know the quality of the air in your house, hire a professional to do air quality testing with high-grade equipment to obtain the most accurate results.

2. Lack of Additional Plates

 mold testing

Mold grows indoors as a result of spores landing on wet surfaces. If growth goes undiscovered in your home, the spores might spread everywhere. Experts in indoor air quality take numerous air samples and swabs of potential growth areas to compare the results. However, a DIY kit only includes one plate for one sampling, which is insufficient to verify whether mold is present in your home.

3. Shipping and Handling Issues

Some self-testing kits require samples to be sent through the mail to a facility for examination. As a result, the samples you collected might have been exposed to extreme temperatures, irresponsible handling, and shipping delays. When samples enter the lab, they may already be contaminated, producing false-positive or -negative results.


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