Many car owners like the appearance of tinted windows. However, they provide more than just an aesthetic upgrade. If you're thinking about making this change, review the functional benefits of car window tinting in the guide below.

Why You Should Consider Car Window Tinting 

1. Increase Privacy 

Tinted windows offer privacy and security. This is especially helpful when leaving your car out overnight, traveling through an unfamiliar place, or parking in a rural area. 

Florida's tint laws allow your front windows to filter out up to 72% of light, while the back windows can legally filter out 85%. At these high levels, it's nearly impossible for someone to see what's inside your car. This provides some peace of mind if you ever need to leave valuable items in the vehicle. 

2. Block UV Light 

Your car windows don't offer full protection from the sun's rays. Ultraviolet (UV) light is harmful since it can contribute to skin and eye conditions, including melanoma and cataracts. 

Car window tint blocks UV light so that you aren't exposed to excessive amounts while driving. This also prevents sunlight from discoloring or fading leather seats and other interior components, keeping the vehicle in peak condition.

3. Keep Your Car Cool 

car window tinting

Since tint cuts down on sunlight, your car will stay cooler during the summer months. In addition to helping you feel comfortable, the darker windows will allow you to turn the air conditioner down. This will ultimately save you money on fuel costs and extend the vehicle's battery life. 

4. Prevent Shattering

Nontinted windows may break into pieces if they're hit with a loose object or impacted during a car crash. Window tint provides a protective film on the glass, keeping the shards contained if the window breaks. This prevents injuries from glass if you're ever involved in an accident.


If you'd like to have your windows tinted, get in touch with The Tint Shop in Royal Palm Beach, FL. This business uses top-quality film to ensure your vehicle looks its best. They also offer a variety of after-care services and warranty options so that you have long-term protection. See their services on their website, or schedule a car window tinting appointment by calling (561) 753-0999.