It can be challenging to participate in daily activities when you're allergic to something common, like pet dander or pollen, especially if these substances leave you breaking out with rashes, wheezing, or sneezing. Thankfully, allergy shots can help you enjoy the pets or activities you love without reacting to them. They are a long-term treatment that helps decrease allergy symptoms. Here's what you should know.  

What Does An Allergy Shot Do?

Allergy shots are a kind of immunotherapy that works by giving your body a tiny amount of the item that gives you an allergic reaction, so your body learns how to tolerate the substance over time. Your healthcare professional will inject the allergy shot into the upper arm.

How Frequently Should Someone Get a Shot?

allergy shots

Allergy shots gradually change your body's overactive immune response over time. Your doctor will give you only a tiny amount of the allergen in the shots at first so that they don't trigger your allergy symptoms. During the initial build-up phase, which lasts about three to six months, you will receive an allergy shot about one to three times a week. The dose is increased slightly each time. Then, during the maintenance phase, you will receive shots about once per month for three to five years. Your symptoms will improve a little during the first year, and then they will improve more drastically during the second year. Eventually, your symptoms will improve so much that you won't need the shots anymore.

Are There Risks?

Fortunately, there are very few risks of adverse reactions or side effects when getting allergy shots. A few people have severe allergic reactions, like anaphylaxis, but most people only see swelling or manageable, mild symptoms.


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