Similarly to cars, golf cart batteries eventually run out of power and need to be replaced. Thankfully, this job is easy to do on your own after purchasing a replacement, as you only need a few tools to do it safely. Below is a brief guide to removing the old battery and installing a new one so that you can drive your cart around the neighborhood and golf course again.

How Can You Install a New Golf Cart Battery Properly?

1. Gather Equipment

The first step to removing the old battery is getting the right tools. First, grab a socket wrench and a variety of attachments so that you can remove the fasteners around the terminals and the tie down clamp. Next, put on safety glasses and gather a scrub brush with a long handle and a few rags. After removing the old battery, you will need a cardboard box to carry it in so that it doesn't leak into your car, so put this container near the golf cart.

2. Disconnect & Remove the Battery

golf cart batteries

Using the socket wrench, start by loosening the nut around the clamp at the bottom of the battery. Next, move to the bolts around the battery's terminals and loosen the nuts. Disconnect the negative wire first, which is the black cable. As you are removing the wires, avoid putting them on anything metal, as this can cause them to release stored energy. Inspect the connections and clean them with the brush if you notice corrosion, as this can damage the new battery. After cleaning the wires, pull the old battery from its housing and place it in the cardboard box.

3. Install the New Battery

When the housing is empty, use a small amount of water and scrub the area to remove any dirt and debris. Let the area dry completely and use a corrosion-blocking spray on the frame rails. Once everything is dry, place the new golf cart battery in the housing. Reconnect the cables and tighten the nuts that hold the connections to the terminals. Then, replace the tie down and tighten it securely. Finally, turn the cart on to make sure it is working properly.


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