If you are new to riding through trails and exploring the outdoors on a mountain bike, you may be anxious to learn all about the hobby. One of the best starting points is to understand how to maintain and repair the bike, as this helps you stay safe before and during a journey. Below are several strategies to help you with this process.

How Can You Ensure a Mountain Bike Works Properly?

1. Clean & Oil the Chain

High-end bicycles typically have a sealant around the chain that prevents corrosion and rust. This helps prevent the chain from encountering damage and slipping off the gears, allowing you to shift easily. However, beginner models don't usually have this feature, so you must care for the chain regularly. After each trip, clean any mud, leaves, and grass that have accumulated. Then, rinse it with a hose, dry thoroughly, and apply oil to lubricate the part.

2. Inflate Tires Properly


The amount of pressure you need for the tires depends on the models that your bicycle uses. For example, if you use 2.5-inch tubed tires, these generally require around 29 pounds per square inch (psi). Tubeless tires of that size should be slightly less, or about 26 psi. For fat tires that are 3 or more inches wide, you will need about 20 psi.

Always refer to the owners manual for the exact measurement, as different manufacturers may have varying guidelines. Also, invest in a quality gauge and check the pressure before every ride. If it's too high, you may experience discomfort and have trouble steering, while if it is too low, the tires will wear out faster.

3. Schedule Professional Service

Once per year, visit a bike shop and have a professional service the bike. They will inspect the forks and shocks, bleed the brakes, apply tire sealant, and repair wheel hubs. Most shops also deep clean and lubricate the moving parts. This ensures that you will remain safe during your next trail ride, helping minimize potential breakdowns and accidents.


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